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Reactions: mcaswell. I'll try again in the morning to replicate the issue.

Improve Wi-Fi Speed And Performance On Your Mac

So, I ran a looping iPerf test overnight on all 3 machines overnight, though I set them to run once every 20 minutes. No issues were found. Cycling WiFi off and on restored it. However, before I did that, I did stumble across a small clue. I came across a mention elsewhere of a command line utility to help diagnose WiFi problems. The most basic usage of it spits out a simple assortment of info about the connection, very similar to what's shown in the screen shots above by option-clicking the WiFi menubar icon.

The most notable difference is that the menubar drop-down shows PHY Mode Anyway, what I found interesting was that before the connection degraded, it showed the following: lastTxRate: maxRate: I didn't pick up on the obvious discrepancy maxRate being lower than the actual rate until afterward. Soon after this, the connection speed plummeted, and the command line utility said this: lastTxRate: 14 maxRate: Cycling the WiFi connection, expected connection speed was restored, and the maxRate figure changed to what it should have been: lastTxRate: maxRate: The Velop is a 2x2, so indeed is the maximum rate.

What's Wrong with Mac

So where did this come from? Some quick research revealed that this rate coincides with It would seem that something is occasionally causing my MBP to think its connected to an Not sure how helpful this will be, but it at least gives me some direction, and gives me something to look for next time it happens.

MCS15 for So just labels I think. Not sure whether it matters or not. The Velop does support both So it could be either Not sure if that help in any way.

macOS High Sierra Slow WiFi - Mach Machines

Unless the MBPro dropped to 2. Is might then be ac or n, but at least it rules out a 2. I know just enough to be dangerous. I can disable 2. Shortly after my last post, the iMac Pro's connection degraded again for the first time since I observed it happening yesterday afternoon , but it recovered on its own after 20 minutes or so. MBA still has not exhibited this behavior. But I made another observation during the iMac Pro's episode just now.

When it happened, I noticed that it coincided with my kids turning on the TV downstairs pretty much directly below my office and beginning to watch a movie. In particular, the Vizio soundbar broadcasts an I considered that perhaps an n-only network being broadcast nearby not on the same channel, but on the same band, the low 5ghz channels was causing the downgrade to a slower connection, but I somewhat ruled that out as the culprit, because when I noticed the slowdown, I went down and shut off the soundbar for a few minutes, which did not result in the connection recovering to normal speed and it did recover on its own a little while later, after I had already turned the soundbar back on.

Additionally, the problem has occurred during times when the soundbar is definitely not on in the morning, before anyone else has woken up. But when looking through my neighbor's networks, I see at least 2 or 3 that are I'm no expert. If you option click on your wifi icon and bring up the advanced menu like you did above you can choose the Create Diagnostic Report.

Then once that's created might take a few minutes you'll have a folder created on your desktop. That will show what's running in your vicinity. The channels do overlap to some degree when using 2.

How to Fix Slow Wi-Fi after MAC OS Sierra Upgrade

On So channel 5 overlaps with channel 6 for example. And to a lesser degree, channel 5 would also overlap with channel 1. In the 5GHz space there's more room and less overlap, but the report generated above will allow you to see what else is running. It won't show non-wifi interference explicitly, but you'll see the signal strength data.

Unfortunately not the noise, but it might have something relevant. So a network is much louder than a network. In your example in the first post, even where you've got a very slow connection, your signal to noise is very good. As would noise and signal. The closer those numbers get to each other the worse performance you would expect. Or if your RSSI is and your noise is But your noise is nowhere close to that it would seem.

So this certainly seems like it's "unnatural". I would try to find the loudest networks on 2. Ideally turn off 2. But as you said, may cause other issues. Great article. Many thanks! This is all great but how do I get the Personal Hotspot option on the wi-fi menu to appear immediately or better still connect as the default. I get shown all the wi-fi networks available and have to wait a while before the Personal Hotspot section appears — then I can select it.

Could also rearrange the list so your preferred Networks are at the top. That should speed up the display of your iOS hotspot device.

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Great reply vdiv. This is the type of issue that we should ever have to endure. You almost have to be a programmer just to use WiFi……. Appreciate the effort and hope that people can solve their issues with WiFi using the provided by Paul instructions. Part of the problem is the near complete lack of transparency in the operation of the software.

How to fix Wi-Fi connection problems on a Mac

It is not clear at what stage things fail and why. This is only getting worse with an increase in the layers of complexity and abstraction. Immediately after the Mojave installer was done I attempted a restart.

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Nope, hung. Force off again. This brought a huge smile to my face. No Mojave clean install. Back to El Capitan and eternal bliss. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. ALS says:. October 10, at pm. Kenny says:.

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Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Problems with MacOS Mojave

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