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During the performance, Rachel, who calls "Go Your individual Way" her favorite Fleetwood Mac song, seems to having her eye on ex-boyfriend Finn while she sings the break-up anthem, as Quinn looks more compared to little annoyed, and the "Glee" club sing support. It is hard singing an audio lesson by Stevie Nick's.

I'll never forget seeing Piers give Debra a standing ovation afterwards. This isn't first time he's performed such a feat. In McManus was the man who brought Fleetwood Mac song to Australia after a year absence they're touring again this month.

Fleetwood Mac - Songbird Lyrics

The fantastic and beautiful musicians in Lez Zep rock by using a raw fury and genuine love for that music, and consistently offer up sets full of radio favorites as well as deeper cuts. Read my report about their October show in the Highline right here, together with tickets fully sold out you're either already going, or straight out of luck. Christine was perfect for the band as she appears to be a very long fan of Fleetwood Mac concert and knew almost all Green's lyrics, allowing her to pick up where he left back.

With a music background, once performing with the audience Chicken Shack, fitting in the group was the light fit. Totally, because I was brought up original on classical piano, but while i started on guitar I came to be looking for you to the old British blues era of Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac and the Bluesbreakers with John Mayall, so that influenced me before Received started with Thin Lizzy and rock 'n roll. So it really is been element of me, and it always always be. We're chatting with you today because you're getting ready to join us here in Tennessee later to play Bonnaroo.

Then he would bow and hang his guitar over his shoulder as though he had just accomplished the most amazing musical demonstration in the history of mankind. Next was Mic Fleetwood; definitely can still bang away at a drum kit extremely well, but I have to say no matter how much I love a band, I just don't believe a drum solo is ever a good idea.

Mic and Lindsey and Stevie all seemed just a tad too pleased with themselves after what turned out to be a mediocre performance; again, mostly due to the poor vocals. If you absolutely love this band, you will at least be rewarded with them hitting all of the best songs, but again back to the age thing; there comes a time at a certain age when it might be time to consider hanging it up Maybe I'm just waxing sentimental. The last time I saw the original American lineup was In a very dysfunctional place - still great, but the drama was high.

This Fleetwood Mac was also great. But in seemingly such a comfortable place. The baggage they previously carried has been put down.

The contents emptied and fashioned into a warm, loving quilt, gently wrapping them in the memories of the past --both good and bad- and holding them together in a new and wonderful way. They all looked so happy. Lindsey, always a mind blowing guitarist, was so playful with the crowd; Christine, grateful and back in the cradle of her career family; Mick, reflective, appreciative, crazy, father of the band; John, quieter than usual, but in his familiar place, and Stevie, the constant, the poet, the believer, twirling happily across the stage, this show being extra emotional as it was in her Phoenix home, parents gone, friends in attendance, her Mac back where they belong!

This concert tops all other concerts i have attended and i have attended well over 30 in my lifetime. This performance was epic! I loved everything about it. Concert was amazing. All five original members of the band were there. Psychedelic scenes in backdrop.

All Christine Mcvie lyrics A-Z

Love the songs. I have been to several concerts this year and Fleetwood Mac was by far the best in a long time! The set list was great! Those of you who didn't go, you missed out on a special treat! They've still got it well into their late 60's! Christine McVie is 70 and rocking like she was 20!

Off the charts!

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Two encores! Get there to see them if you have the chance! I knew the concert would be good, but it exceeded my expectations. It was our first time at the Honda Center and we were pleased with the venue. Parking was easy, the facility was clean, food concessions were OK, all the staff was very helpful, the sound was excellent. Lindsey Buckingham is a wizard on the electric and acoustic guitars, making them sing or scream as called for.

The ladies are in fine voice and they each have distinctive sounds that add tremendous variety to the set list. Stevie Nicks did an amazing performance on an extended version of Gold Dust Woman my favorite tune of the night , with physical energy that would have done Mick Jagger proud. Fleetwood Mac played for 2 hours 40 minutes including two encores.

Cheap Online Fleetwood Mac Concert Tickets The Forum

I can't remember a band that has done that except The Boss. An absolutely outstanding concert. Great set list, they looked happy on stage and Lindsey Buckingham played his butt off. The backdrops were cool throughout the night and when Stevie and band sang Seven Wonders, the backdrop was gorgeous. You can tell Stevie's happy to have Christine back in the band. Girl power! I just loved that, for a band of players who are pushing 70 years old except Christine, who has reached that golden age , they are totally on their game.

Love me some Fleetwood Mac! Seventies music rules! It was great seeing Christine back. Such an awesome writer.

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Lindsey was an absolute guitar monster, incredible. FM crazy as always. Sound system at The Forum was great. Stage setup was really good. Highly recommended concert. What a band. It was like Christine McVie never left. Lindsey Buckingham is definitely one of the most underrated guitarists ever!

I have loved Fleetwood Mac since I was a kid riding in a car with a neighbor friend of my parents and she would tell me to pick out the music.

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I remember the cover with Mick on his knees on a pair of shoes. I have had this band on my "bucket list" for years and I have to say it was worth the wait and more than I hoped for. Thank you. Stevie is on of my all time favorite singers and she delivered. They all were incredible. Again thank you for an awesome night! We saw them in Oakland, at Oracle. They were amazingly well rehearsed and put on a show the audience wanted to see.

These fine musicians are all in their 60's to 70 years old, and their voices and talent are holding up. I never saw them when I was younger, mainly couldn't afford it. But I was truly impressed. The graphics streaming on the backdrop and overhead panels added to the atmosphere. Only real complaints were 1 the Oracle has lousy accoustics, so we got a lot of reverb. Couldn't even see the side screens because everybody in front of us were standing. Otherwise, I believe it was very well done.

Seeing Fleetwood Mac in person was one of the best things I've ever done for myself Since the addition of Buckingham and Nicks it took on a new flavor And I've seen nearly every concert in San Diego since, even when Christine McVie decided she needed a break from the pace of traveling during tours. But now she's back. So their concert Dec. I loved it! Hey, we're all getting older together, and Stevie has little of the range she once had. But Christine, Lindsey, John and Mick have not lost a step.

So many good memories are associated with playing their albums and watching them live. I am so happy that they have managed to stay together and once again, come to town and make me feel so alive. Great show. This was the most amazing concert I have ever attended. We had 2nd row seats right in front of where Lindsey Buckingham stood and were in awe of his playing. So great to have Christie back in the band.

I would attend their concert again in a heartbeat. Loved the stories shared by the artists.