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Thanks a lot. Kutools sets the image as a header. But If someone wants to add 2 image in the header then what to do? Would you please suggest. Reply Share. Hi, Tareq Yes, as you said, Kutools sets the image as a header, and it only can insert one picture each time. If you need the background strictly for printing purposes, I set the image as my background using typical methods. Set cells to no fill as necessary, then highlight everything that I am planning to print. Next I copy and paste in the same position except make sure to paste as an image. Now you can print all of your information with your background.

If you need to edit something later, delete the image edit the data than repeat the procedure. I have inserted my picture and it prints YAY! Now I need it to not obscure my text ie send it to the back. Is there a way to do that? The downside to this tool is that it doesn't seem to work like the Word watermark function that allows me to scale the image watermark. So I started over and opened the image in Photoshop to manually enlarge the image to scale it into Excel properly. That didn't work because Kutools scaled it back what it was prior to me enlarging the image manually.

How to Set Print Area on Google Sheets on PC or Mac

Not sure why this is done this way unless I'm missing a step whereby I can set the scale. Many thanks.

Excel 2013 - Ajustar el área de impresión

I tried and it worked. After 3 hours of time various forums I found this solution, I'd be glad to someone else this solution help. Greetings from Serbia. You just drag and drop any picture in the Excel and fit it as required, when accept transparation! In step 7. I don't have the 'Properties' option. Can anyone help? Now I have in mind fill out form in Acrobat Reader.

Is it possible in Excel to merge two separate sheets one with the outline and forms and one with the fill in data with for example look up functions? Or merge two sheets during the printout? When I do this the text from the excel come out faded. So if i were to increase the transparency of the picture then the text will be darker but the test on the picture will be faded. Anyway to get them both about the same to print out? What's more important to you and your business?

Pretty background pictures or a professional looking document?

Print a worksheet or workbook - Excel

Wow, you are a dum dum. This works perfectly. So no, that does not work well for most backgrounds. I have no text color changes at all.

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For those who still can't figure out how to edit. There is a post above that tells you how. While printing, the same shall be enabled. Sending back wont be working on this.. Normally I do not read post on blogs, but I wish to say that this writeup very compelled me to try and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Click the Print button or adjust Settings before you click the Print button. Under Settings , click the arrow next to Print Active Sheets and select the appropriate option. If you don't want to print only the defined print area, select the Ignore print area check box.

Learn more on setting or clearing a print area. The file will be saved in your Documents folder.

You can print the entire worksheet or just the cells you want. If you want to print a range of cells, select them. If you selected a range of cells, but decide to print the entire worksheet, switch to Entire Workbook before you hit Print. In Excel for the web, you can either specify an area you want to print or print an entire worksheet.

Seamless CAD integration

To print only the selected area, in Print Options , click Current Selection. If the print preview shows what you want printed, click Print. To change the print selection, close print preview by clicking on the X , and repeat the previous steps. Make sure Entire Sheet is checked, and click Print. If you have the Excel desktop application, you can set more print options. Click Open in Excel and select multiple print areas on a worksheet.

You can tell if rows or columns are hidden either by the missing header labels or by the double lines as shown in this picture. Select the range of headers surrounding the hidden rows or columns. In this example, select all row headers between 2 and 7 to unhide rows 3 and 6. Right-click the selection and pick Unhide Rows for columns, pick Unhide Columns.

If your Excel for the web workbook has only one worksheet, you can just print the worksheet. If the Unhide option is available, the workbook has one or more hidden worksheets. Click Unhide to show and unhide the worksheet s. When you unhide a worksheet, the sheet tab in the worksheet becomes available. Click the sheet tab and print the worksheet.

[Tutorial] 7 Trucos para las Hojas de Cálculo de Google Drive

Sometimes you want to print only part of a worksheet, like a table. You can do this in Excel for the web as long as the table has less than 10, cells. For worksheets more than 10, cells you have to use the Excel desktop app. To select all the cells in the table, click the first cell and scroll to the last cell.

If your table has a lot of columns, instead of scrolling, click the first cell, press and hold the Shift key and click the last cell. If you like the print preview, click Print.