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Bottom line is an application needs to be listening on that port for the whole process to work. To check to see if you have ipfw rules, you can always go to the terminal and type in: sudo ipfw list You might also use nmap to check if the port is open from different places on your internal network.

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Wes Wes 4 4 bronze badges. This doesn't answer the question - how to open a port. It only suggests ways to check if the port is open. Chase T.

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I'm missing the third point: How to access to router settings? I don't find any option on preferences.

Hosted OSX Server Part 4: Ice Floor Firewall & Port Forwarding

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macOS Sierra Part 5: Port Forwarding

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To simplify the exercise, we will utilize a server that is on an internal network and demonstrate restrictions and permissions on that internal network. Click to view larger image.

Mac open port

You can test and verify the performance of your firewall using commands in the Terminal application. This report shows that a ping packet was sent from your client machine which utilizes the ICMP protocol to the server, and the server responded. The output of the command displays the number of bytes received, the address received from the sequence or the order of the ping request , the time to live, and the response time in milliseconds.

Enabling stealth mode in the advanced section of the firewall configuration will block ping and other network status requests.

Troubleshooting Your Firewall | Mac OS X Security and Mobility v Using a Firewall | Peachpit

Stealth mode does not block these requests from the internal network unless an explicit rule is set in the advanced tab of the firewall configuration. To test whether a specific port is blocked or allowed, you will test the AFP service using telnet to check if the connection can be established. The command output should resemble the listing below, which shows that telnet was able to establish a connection to the AFP service on port The command output should look something like the listing below, illustrating that telnet was able to establish a connection to the AFP service on port Notice that this action occurred an additional three times and that the server IP address and requested port number is displayed last, not first.

As seen below, the port scan is initiated and completed with no indication of an error. This is the normal behavior—Network Utility is reporting that it found no open port at the addresses specified. This time the output includes a line indicating that the network traffic connected to the server on the specified port. If rules look like they should be working, but they are not, and time is not an issue, a packet sniffer will allow you to view the problem from the inside.

Start nginx With launchctl, When Your Mac Boots Up

Mac OS X ships with the tcpdump packet sniffer. Read More Development.

Getting Started. MacStadium News. I cover how to: Download and install IceFloor. How to avoid locking yourself out of your server when you start the firewall with IceFloor. How to tell what ports are open for what services and the services you want to make sure you open.